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Best Casual Award

It's no surprise that this is a new category for us this year. There were far too many games brought out that were supposed to be for the casual gamer. The consumer base is potentially huge IF you get the gameplay right and there were plenty of games this year that failed to do that. The ones below however, are really the cream of the crop and this is one particular category that had us arguing into the wee hours of the morning.


Bomb Jack

A perfect recreation of the original, beautiful and simple gameplay, these sorts of games are called classics for good reason! Click here for the review.

Elfin Forest (Symbian)

A true one button game with sumptuous graphics and highly addictive gameplay. Click here for the review.

Ice Age 2 - Artic Slide

The mobile version of Sonic the game plays very fast and with lots of fun, but can be easily controlled with one hand! I completed it standing up on the train with a whoop until I realized that everyone on the carriage noticed. Click here for the review.

Magnetic Joe

Incredibly simple and incredibly addictive, the game can be frustrating and extremely rewarding. Absolutely brilliant. Click here for the review.

Powerpuff Girls Snowboarding

This game was very very addictive while being very very easy to play. I never thought I would like a Powerpuff Girls game so much! Click here for the review.

And the Winner...

Best Casual

Magnetic Joe

What can we say about Magnetic Joe? Well, play it and you'll find out. We warn you though, you may still be playing it for many months to come. We certainly are!

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