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Best Action Award

We're still not fully sure what the definition of an action game is so we have thrown in a few surprises in here and included some RPG's that have a lot of action in them. Of course, you also have the games where you shoot things, have space battles and even defeat terrorists so the main components are that the games are fast, fun, frenetic and furious.



A different kind of action and tenseness as you have to use your brains together with your espionage ability which makes the game so much fun. Click here for the review.

Alpha Wing 2

What's a shoot em up doing in the action category? Well, as the blurb says, the game has to be fast, fun, frenetic and furious and Alpha Wing 2 definitely is. Click here for the review.

Elven Chronicles

An RPG with a lot of battles, it's like Final Fantasy on speed. Click here for the review.

Galaxy on Fire

Space battles have never been this good. Period. Click here for the review.

Gangstar: Crime City

A great attempt at GTA on phones, you can steal, shot and become America's most wanted! Click here for the review.

I Hate Guns!

A small developer who has clearly watched a lot of Chuck Norris films, this delivers superb action in all manner of kicks and punches including those of the roundhouse and flying variety. Click here for the review.


The game had it all. Fishing, hunting and a good plot. Stranded patched into your phone's clock and you would need to play at all hours of the day if you wanted to complete every aspect. Perfectly suited for casual and hardcore gamers. Click here for the review.

And the Winner...

Best Action

Galaxy on Fire

Hhhmm, what can we say about the action in this game? Imagine getting to play Top Gun on a phone and you might have some idea of the excitement during the space battles in Galaxy on Fire. None of this break and they'll fly right past nonsense, this requires extreme piloting ability that would make Maverick my wing man.

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