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Mobile Game Faqs Awards 2006

Before we begin, we just wanted to point out that we know it's 2007. But an overabundance of Christmas cheer and the New Year's festivities added significant weight to our decision to leave it until the last possible moment of 2006 to let even more contenders enter the fray. And in fact, what better last moment of 2006 than 2007? Enough excuses, I think you all know why we're here. As is our annual tradition we are here to present the Mobile Game Faqs Awards of 2006.

We've been running for 3 years now which means you could almost say we're professionals (don't go telling our staff that, we might have to pay them more!) and it's really flown by. We remember the days of Snake on your mobile phone, so to see the development of some of the titles we'll be mentioning in the next few pages is nothing short of astonishing. In almost every department you will find a near quantum leap in improvement, even in what we thought couldn't be made easier, control systems! Developers are fast realizing the limitations of mobile handsets and are working their ways around them. Maybe the new Apple iPhone has the answer or maybe Nokia and Sony Ericsson have something to say about that.

If you remember last year, we made a few predictions about online gaming being the way forwards and we were about as accurate as the predictions that England would win the World Cup followed by the Ashes. Well, never ones to repeat the same mistake twice, we're going to throw our hat in the ring once again and predict online gaming to take off in 2007. And if it doesn't then we'll probably say the same thing about 2008 until the developers and operators sit up and take notice. What did make a stratospheric rise in 2006 was the advent of casual gaming. One touch gaming or one thumb gaming or however you want to call it was a hit with the developers and it looks like the consumers as well. Make a simple and addictive game that's very very very easy to play and has mass market appeal. It sounds like no mean feat which is why the games in our awards section really are the creme de la creme.

What's even more pleasing is the standard of the games has now got to such a level that receiving our ice cold awards is becoming tougher than ever. In fact, the basics on each game now definitely rival the early consoles that we spent so much formative time playing. The number of games has shot through the roof and we often struggle to cope with it all as there are sequels, movie tie-ins, versions of PC and console games, the new and original content from the big developers and occasionally the odd little gem from some of our smaller friends. What this means is that we have even more categories now and even more games to go in them, so we've dug deep and gone for more coverage than you may expect.

The names haven't really changed, but the developers have just upped the ante and I think we are slowly starting to see the operators get on board. There are now plenty of trial downloads and free levels as the public are beginning to see what mobile gaming is about (apart from us playing them on the trains). Of course, we already knew and when we started to think about it, we realised that between our two main reviewers, we have played more mobile games in the UK than anyone else. Does that scare you as much as it did us? Well it should, but it should also tell you that we take this very seriously and are even more dedicated to make sure that your mobile gaming experience is a great one and you can pass on that message to all your friends.

2007 looks set to be huge, so without further ado, let's reflect back on the best of 2006!

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