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Genre: Action :: Players: 1 :: Released: 10/8/05

Fantastic Four

Developer: Mforma

These are user and staff submitted hints for Fantastic Four. If you have a hint or tip for this game, share!
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Reed Richards second mission (the one with the bouncy wheel):
In this level you have a limited time to collect all the icons from inside the Baxter building. Firstly, use the power crystal and the special attack to transform into the wheel. The controls are quick sensitive in this form. If you are moving right and you press right you will accelerate. Push the opposite direction to brake. To get onto the first ledge try and jump early and as soon as you bounce off the right hand wall push right to brake. You should then be able to jump across to the next platform, recharge your bar and then jump up to the next level. The key is to move all the way along to the right hand corner (underneath some sort of narrow shaft with red horizontal bars). From here you can bounce all the way to the top to collect the remaining icons. That should only leave a couple of easy ones to collect at the end.

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