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Genre: Racing/Driving :: Players: 1 :: Released: 06/8/08

Rally Master Pro

Developer: Fishlabs

These are user and staff submitted hints for Rally Master Pro. If you have a hint or tip for this game, share!
You can also look on our forum for hints.


Take turns early, especially the hard left and right ones. Turn early into it so you just miss the corner, but immediately autocorrect so you come out straight.

Some turns are too quick and you have to slow down!

If you don't do well in a mini game quit the game by suspending and ending it, then try again. You need to do well on the mini games.

Always play the mini games, you can get a much higher repair percentage

Get used to the courses.

You don't have to beat each checkpoint in the fastest time to beat the course time, sometimes the last stretch will be a bit easier.

For the pressure mini game (holding the button down), do it for 3-4 secs and then you should be near the target. A small tap of over / under correct and you should get perfects on this game.

Many chicanes (lots of lefts and rights in quick succession) can be taken in a diagonal line without having to turn

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