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Genre: Quiz/Puzzle/Strategy :: Players: 1 :: Released: 27/3/06

Darkest Fear 2: Grim Oak

Developer: Rovio

It has been 5 years since Dr. Thomas Warden first begun unravelling the mystery behind a series of eerie events at Grim Oak???s hospital. The second part to Darkest Fear Trilogy brings you more dynamic lighting sources, multiple collectable objects, new puzzles, and the whole city of Grim Oak to be freely explored. The painful history of Grim Oak will be revealed!

Game Features: Sound, Help, Save Option, Highscore, Suspend/Resume, Bus/Tube Friendly, See Compatible Handsets

Reviews, One Review :: Average Rating: 91%

Anannya Sen:

Great sequel to the original classic. More puzzles, more things to do and pretty addictive gameplay.


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This is the microsoft edge which makes the changes each settings and get the best out of default search engine and make sure that it is the way of making things happen
method to change the default search engine in microsoft edge

default search engine, 06/6/17 18:03


Horror type of games are awesome in terms of gameplay. - Dennis Wong YOR Health

w3w, 23/6/16 03:22


Can any1 hlp me to open the back door of museum.Ihav been stuck frm 4 dayz

Talish, 11/9/11 11:09

sherif badge

combine the rope and the magnet to fish it the sherif badge

jii , 21/8/11 14:08

useful tips..

Dear frnz...
I'm saravanan.
Darkest fear2 available at
darkest fear 3 & 1
you can download at

Amazing puzzle game...don't miss to play..!!!

I have finished 3 parts of darkest fear...

saravanan, 23/5/11 10:39

I have Finished


Welcome once again!

I'am saravanan..

Just now,
i have finished darkest fear 2 game...

I feel so happy..!
I...i...just don't know...
How to express my Happiness...

Thank god..!

Saravanan, 19/5/11 14:48

monster in the shop

how do i kill the monster in the shop?

Anon, 10/5/11 08:10

help me plz.plz.

Any one help me plz...
I could not finish darkest fear 2.
I found all the keys and things,
i'm not able to get sherriffs star and electronic key?
Plz. Help me

r.saravanan, 30/4/11 15:41

monks cloak

type the code:7825537 during game and you will get monk's cloak.

junaid, 26/4/11 14:21


1. Sheriff's Keypad Code
- Grab the sheriff's badge in the well. Got to Benjamin's house; empty the bathtub with the plunger found in the toilet at the other side of the room away from the bathroom. Grab soap to clean the badge. Once it's clean, take it to the sheriff's. Equip the badge, and the door will open coz the code is on the badge.

2. Inside sheriff's office. Do everything to get to the place where the candle is. Grab candle, and go into the room where the double lock door is located. To your left you can see another closed door and a wood box right beside it. What you can't see is that in the dark shadow area right next to the box there is ANOTHER trigger. Yes, there is TWO triggers in that room. Place the candle on the trigger next to box, it will open the door next to the box. Go thru it, there's a trigger on your left side, grab the item weighing the trigger and bring in to the 2 door room, and place it on the second trigger. Only then will both locked doors in front of you open up.

3) Sheriff badge in well - Use a rope combined with magnet to fish it out. You can find the rope in the school, right next to the principal.

4) You can only get in school after you defeat the Big Worm outside the school. To defeat it, quickly grab the lamps lying on the ground and place it in the Worm's path. It will battle with it. Take your time to determine which path the worm will take, for after attacking the first lamp, it will swerve to another direction and come at you. If you get it right, the 4th lamp battle will finish it off.

JT, 24/3/11 01:06
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