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Genre: Block Match :: Players: 1 :: Released: 09/7/08

Super Jewel Quest

Developer: Iplay

Your favourite jewel matching game is back and this time you’re not alone! In Super Jewel Quest enjoy all new gameplay and an all new story within an all new adventure. Travel the African continent in search of answers, clues and the ancient Jewel Board to free your dear friend’s son from captivity. Your wits are your best weapon to win gruelling puzzle duels and battles against very powerful and wise opponents. Unlock secret jewel matching powers and techniques before the time runs out to save the kidnapped boy.

Game Features: Sound, Vibration, Help, Save Option, Highscore, Suspend/Resume, Bus/Tube Friendly, See Compatible Handsets

Reviews, One Review :: Average Rating: 83%

Costas Stephanides:

Smashing and great as well.


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All the levels are doable!!

You get more use of the hammer buy getting lines of coins. You can use the hammers to get rid of difficult ones. Coins dropping to the bottom of the screen also disappear and give you another use of the hammer.

nick, 17/3/13 19:57

stage 51

I do not know how to play the stage 51 can play sends the response

Alfredo, 11/1/13 00:22

super jewel quest level 30 hint from Khan

Get 4 jewels in a row as many times as you can and by dong that you will get the 2 boxes in the top right corner. KHAN

Anon, 04/7/12 01:36

level 30 help

Its easy you have to get 4 jewels in a row as many times as you can and you will automatically get the 2 boxes in the top right corner. Leave a comment on this page when you have completed it rating me.

KHAN Alum Rock B'ham, 04/7/12 01:27

Level restarts.

I'm only on level 9 because half way through game makes the hammer noise then restarts level.Why,why,why?Please help.

wozza, 01/7/12 10:16

level 30

irish level

Anon, 12/6/12 00:34

lvl 52

How the heck do you beat this?! It's practically impossible! I used up all my hammer coins on lvl 51 but apparently, I didn't need them because lvl 52 seem as if it can't be beaten either way

Anon, 29/5/12 20:46

lvl 51 solution

I finished lvl 51 twice. I figured out everything by myself since the help menu is pretty poor.
The things you have to know :
- 7 is a hammer that destroy the gem in the chosen box (you have 10 on them)
- when you get 4 identical gems in a row, it randomly destroys up to 2 additionnal gems of the same color anywhere on the map (it's the only way to "reach" the 3 boxes in the right part of the map)
- the game will continue to pop new gems as long as you don't have a "sustainable" situation i.e. 3 gems of the same color in 4 consecutive boxes (e.g. Red-Red-Green-Red), problem being that Red-Red-Wall-Red counts as sustainable while it's not, so in this situation, to make gems pop again you have to destroy one of the 3 gems with your hammer. If you play well it's the only way you can lose your precious hammers

Anon, 08/5/12 00:01

Level 30

You have to use the hammers.

Anon, 07/5/12 11:36

Level 30 - Impossible, Great, thanks.

Up yours Samsung, with your poxy level 30 that cant be worked out. Pfffffft.

::::feels better::::

Anon, 23/4/12 21:14
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