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Genre: Quiz/Puzzle/Strategy :: Players: 1 :: Released: 28/11/06

The Historical city builder now on mobile : The game will be launched simultaneously with the PC game Caesar IV!
Caesar Mobile is a real-time city builder where the user takes on the role of an aspiring provincial governor within Caesar's empire.
- Design and lay out your own Roman city, creating the industries and services needed to support your citizens and grow your empire
- Buildings will vary according to the geography of your city: continental, desert and Mediterranean
- Protect your city against disease, natural disaster and neighbouring enemies
- Conquer nearby countries to increase your power
- The only resource you must control is gold. Gold allows you to build your city and your units
- Build trade routes along the same interface
- Choose from among 15 buildings, each with their own important function

Game Features: Sound, Help, Save Option, Highscore, Suspend/Resume, Bus/Tube Friendly, See Compatible Handsets

Reviews, One Review :: Average Rating: 83%

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2100+ level = no roads

I basically destroyed all of my roads to get the space to build the dwellings to get over 2100+. Also, the fancier dwellings do have a higher population, but you need to build your city right to get the better villas - someone mentioned gardens, roads, etc...basically build up half your homes to villas, then destroy all the extra stuff like arenas, markets, schools, roads, then throw down a few dozen more dwellings to put you over the top.

Anon, 08/6/08 15:01

Playing in Freemode

I am stuck on what to do when there are no additional resources to meet demand. I am playing in freemode and have 4200 citizens, $37K and have annexed all neighboring cities. I have every square inch of the playing area covered in housing and other buildings. I have built all the farms I can in my area and can't trade any more to bring in additional wheat, yet I am about 1000 short of demand. How else can I find or create wheat to meet demand?

The postings submitted by emgreyz21, 02/7/07 10:59 were an excellent help in beating the Mission scenarios. I am up to mission 6 and decided to switch gears and play Freemode, hence the question above.

erchwb, 26/2/08 13:42

I'm stuck

I'm on sernio 1 on republic

Anon, 01/1/08 15:58

I'm stuck

I'm on sernio 1 on republic

Anon, 01/1/08 15:57

lvl 2 unhappy dudes

im on lvl 2, and all my civillians r unhappy! i have built three of every big builing, and a lot of spare house... i even took over the two neighbouring cities! how the hell can i make them happy?

george, 12/10/07 19:40

'happiness will be rewarded'.. yeah right!

Or so the game says when starting level 4. Every 8 month lightning blows away all your humble tents. Doesn't make me happy to say the least! Whats the use of never being able to build a temple? Blame it on yourself o mighty Jupiter!

Anon, 15/9/07 13:50

F****** Debt

I'm Stuck in the mission 2 because it's says: "You are Highly in Debt" and after a while i loose the game,i was almost,i got universities,temples,etc., but still i loose!!
How the F*** i pay the debts???????

Anon, 17/7/07 02:16

any ideas?

Hi well, i did appease the godcs in mission 3 (do the game slowly build up housing gradually, trade etc) but am stuck onthe level where u need a population of 2100 ~ this does not seem physically possible! I have used every available square of land, deleted every building except the very basic, Temple;reservoir;baths;big market;university to make room, but i cant se how i cna increase the population beyond 1300 ish?! so weird. Also ahve amassed huge wealth adn conquer neighbouring town... no idea what to do ~ anyone sussed it?

bob, 30/5/07 16:29

This game blows!

I bought this game figuring that it would be cool. But i got to the level where you have to appease the gods and that's as far as i go. I build the temples, and everything, but it tells me that i'm in debt. Then its game over.

Brandon knies , 08/5/07 03:32
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