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Genre: Action :: Players: 1 :: Released: 10/8/06

Diamond Rush

Developer: Gameloft

You play an adventurer on a mighty trek: run away to avoid rock slides, push boulders out of your way, solve the riddles of ancient civilizations, climb the cave walls to reach unexplored places, and more.
The quest takes you through three stunningly beautiful worlds:
The Ancient Khmer Temple of Angkor: Clear brush and overcome boulders on your way to the diamonds, but be mindful of the elusive snakes and other life-threatening obstacles as you continue your quest.

The Bavarian Dungeon: Search every inch of this medieval dungeon full of dangerous spiders and terrifying knights for the hidden treasure chests that contain your riches!
The Snowy Caves of Tibet: This frozen world will be a true challenge. Watch out for stalactites and prehistoric apes lurking around.
In each world, try to collect objects to build up your arsenal: a compass to guide you, a hammer for knocking out enemies, a grapple for grabbing far-off objects, and so on.

In addition to physical strength, you'll also need to be clever enough to solve the puzzles and riddles that lie between you and the enormous treasure.
Grab as many diamonds as you can, but be careful...the blinding light of these beautiful jewels can sometimes hide treacherous conditions.
So, do you have what it takes to be crowned the ultimate explorer?

Game Features: Sound, Help, Save Option, Highscore, Bus/Tube Friendly, See Compatible Handsets

Reviews, One Review :: Average Rating: 83%

Costas Stephanides:

One of the best games of the year


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I can see the 2nd red diamond box...but how to reach there ..

I can see the 2nd red diamond box...but how to reach there ..

in level 7...i was not able to find the red diamonds at all :( ...

Please help me!!
I can see the 2nd red diamond box...but how to reach there ..

in level 7...i was not able to find the red diamonds at all :( ...

Please help me!!
non chexsystems banks

tina, 25/3/14 11:35

i like this game very much.

i like this game very much... i'm stuck in level 10 siberia... so anybody who know how to pass the level? it's really hard

in Siberia stage 2, i can't find the 2nd red diamond... i only know the other so it's 1/2... anybody knows where it is?

please HELP... =)

non chexsystems banks, 25/3/14 11:33

last stage uncompleted

How to win the last stage?

jitesh, 06/4/13 18:53


this is very interusting game

aaima, 23/3/13 15:25


Use cheat to get weapon and diamonds-#4772(you must type the '#' symbol first...than the number)

Knight, 16/3/13 02:23


I can't find the mystic hook anywhere on level three, Angkor Wat!! Also can't kill both snakes on level 7... Any help greatly appreciated

Terrianne, 05/12/12 01:16


how to get rope in diamond rush?

teju, 25/11/12 15:25

Siberia stage 10

Hey for all who want to clear siberia stage 10: bring the monkey on top of all 4 yaki men 1 by 1(it'll follow u) then freeze it wid hammer,it shld drop on the yaki men thus killing them bt 1 by 1.hope dis helps..

Diamond rush , 21/7/12 12:14

diamond rush

i need the freezing mallet where is it hidden..siberian level 6 n angok wat secret level 3 is driving me nuts,help plis.

lydia nekesa, 01/6/12 00:50

Siberia Stage 8

I love this game. The Adventures are just super cool. However, I haven't quite figured out how to open the passage door in Siberia Stage 8. Any Ideas?

Ben, 23/5/12 10:27
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