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Mobile Game Faqs Awards 2005

Best Strategy Award

On the consoles we usually play sports, fighting and the occasional RPG but we love strategy games. There have been some absolute classics on the PC such as C&C and Dune but this had never really translated properly onto the mobile market. For some reason, games which make you think, weren't that high on the list of priorities for most developers and instead we got a lot of button mashing nonsense. Thankfully some developers bucked this trend and the strategy games in 2005 were really innovative and addictive. We all had our own personal favourites in this category so the arguing took a bit longer than expected but what we looked for was ease of play, the level of thought required and how this combined with the graphics and sound to create the overall feel of the game. Basically the more taxing and addictive the game was, the higher it ranked on our list. We also took into consideration the uniqueness of each game and have come up with our list that won't disappoint strategy fans around the world. And the rumours we hear are that a few of our favourites will be returning bigger and better for next year. I for one, can't wait.


Ancient Empires II

My favourite strategy game, beautiful graphics and sound, bucketloads of strategy involved and scarily addictive.

Championship Manager 5 Solo

If you've played the console version then you'll know why once you start playing this game you can say goodbye to your friends and social life

Era of Eidolon - Shirad's Forge

watAgame realised the potential of mobile community gaming very early on. The whole Era of Eidolon series is a great achievement but in Shirad's Forge we actually get a decent plotline and some good AI opponents.

Townsmen 3

Townsmen 3 is very much like Sim City and this sequel took us to new heights of animation and gameplay. The opportunity to be a benevolent or maniacal dictator is a potent mix.

And the Winner...

Best Strategy

Ancient Empires II

It was going to be hard to beat this as the overall design and package combined with the intricacies of gameplay, intriguing plot and 4 player option really set this one apart.

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